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About Us

Suriyen Subramaniam is the founder of Smile Origami and is an aspiring dentist and student at the University of California, Los Angeles. Having nearly experienced severe dental trauma from sports injury, he understands the value of a close relationship between patient and practitioner, and hopes to foster these relationships through sharing his art.


Suriyen has been enthusiastically folding origami since first learning of the craft over 10 years ago. Over this time, he has folded critically acclaimed models, including Ryu Jin 3.5 (Kamiya), Black Forest Cuckoo Clock (Lang), and Giganotosaurus (Park). Blending art and mathematics, he brings precision and aesthetic flair to each model that he folds.

All folds by Smile Origami and its membership are donated directly to the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, to be provided to patients at the practitioner's discretion.

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